Adopting at Living Free
Life takes a new dimension when a Cat, Kitten, Dog or Puppy enters your home and becomes part of your family. Unconditional love, devotion, loyalty, and companionship are just a few of the blessings that an animal can bring into your home.
And the responsibility you acquire is a light burden, indeed! You find yourself repaying love with love. You discover that you have been adopted by a being that asks only the assurance of responsible care.
The animals at Living Free are healthy and well adjusted. All are spayed/neutered, have their vaccinations and complete vet health check including heartworm testing for Dogs and FIV and FELV tests for Cats.
How to Adopt a Cat or Dog at Living Free
Because we care, adoption is more than just dropping in, picking out an animal and taking it home.
Here's how it works
We may require a minimum of two visits so that you can spend sufficient time with the animal of your choice before adoption.
All of the people your Cat, Kitten, Dog or Puppy will be living with should join you.
With everyone in the family spending time with the animal of your choice, you and we can be certain there will be a compatible relationship.  
Here are some of the questions you
will be asked:
  • Do you have adequate space for your animal?
  • How well is your yard fenced?
  • Is anyone at home allergic to Dogs and Cats?
  • If your home is rented, will the landlord allow an animal on the property?
  • Is there adequate shelter?
When you and we are satisfied about these and other details, you will be asked to complete an application.
If all this sounds difficult, we don't mean it to be. The purpose of Living Free is to help you adopt an animal that will bring joy into your life…and ensure the best living conditions for our cats and dogs.
We have a vision of unlimited opportunity to bless our fellow creatures. We invite you to become part of that vision with us.
                    click to download an application for a cat                    click to download an application for a dog

PLEASE NOTE, While Living Free makes every attempt to immediately note the unavailability of dogs and cats that have found homes, it is possible that a dog or cat may have been adopted between the time it is viewed on this Web site and the time a visitor arrives at Living Free.
Please also be aware that photos and bios may be moved around over time to give the dogs and cats the best possible exposure. If you are unsure of a dog or cat's availability, please call us at (951) 659-4687 or email the kennel or cattery. Please come and meet all of our wonderful dogs and cats with an open mind and heart, and be sure to check this site often for new arrivals. © 2013