The Living Free Continuing Care Program
Will your beloved Cats or Dogs have a home when you are no longer there to provide for them? How will they survive? Who will care for them? Have you considered the awful possibility that they might be taken to the local shelter by unknowing or uncaring relatives or authorities?
Over the years, frantic calls to Living Free regarding suddenly orphaned cats and dogs, left without family, homes or love, have greatly concerned us. Thus was born the Living Free Continuing Care Program. Supported by grants and donations from their human families, orphaned pets can live out their lives in a loving, caring environment.
How Does the Continuing Care Program Work?
Enrollment in the Continuing Care Program is achieved through an application process and donation. A percentage of your donation is required at the time of enrollment to guarantee space for your pet in the event of your death or disability. Without this donation, animals are accepted only on a space available basis.
There are many variables and unknowns to take into consideration when trying to determine the actual cost of caring for an animal for the rest of its natural life. Certain breeds have more health problems than others. Some breeds live twice as long as others. Older pets have more health problems and may incur very high veterinary bills. Younger pets are generally healthier, but will live much longer.
Living Free will have the responsibility for the actual expenses for the lifetime care and support of the individual animals. Such care will include food, shelter, routine veterinary care, and all other lifetime care and handling. Besides providing warm, loving living conditions, your donation also covers routine medical care such as semi-annual health examinations and lab tests, vaccinations, dental care as needed, and treatment of minor colds and infections.
Because your enrollment in the Living Free Continuing Care Program will also have the very important added benefit of helping Living Free to save the lives of cats and dogs facing shelter euthanasia, a portion of your donation may be tax-deductible.*
As more pets are enrolled in the program, a portion of the cost structure must be used for adding and upgrading animal living quarters. The basic program donation paid to the Living Free Continuing Care Program must come with "no strings attached" to allow Living Free management the freedom to provide the best possible environment for all animals in our care.
In addition to the basic donation, you may also elect to set aside funds for major medical care such as cancer therapy or major surgery. Money paid for this purpose will be set aside in an account for your pet and not used for any other purpose.
As an alternative, and according to your wishes, we may be able to place your pet in a carefully pre-screened private home where it will have the family life that it was accustomed to when you were there.
If you elect to have us attempt to place your pet in a private home, you can realize substantial savings in the enrollment donation. If you provide extra funds for major medical care, Living Free will maintain and administer those funds, paying for veterinary fees as they arise, relieving the adopting/foster home of that burden.
Enrollment in the Living Free Continuing Care Program provides
your Cat(s) and/or Dog(s) with:
  • A beautiful 160-acre mountain home
  • A clean, modern, state-of-the-art kennel
  • An immaculate indoor-outdoor cattery
  • Warm and cozy sleeping quarters
  • Large play and running areas — NO CAGING
  • Individual love and attention from staff and volunteers
  • Special diets as needed
  • A dedicated staff, some of whom live on the property
  • 24-hour health care from our veterinarians as needed
  • Special attention and daily exercise by experienced staff and volunteers
  • Animal caregivers living near the animals, providing a home-like atmosphere
If the future of your animals after your passing or disability is a concern to you, we invite you to visit our sanctuary to see how satisfying that concern can be met.
* Please consult with your tax advisor for detailed information regarding tax matters.
Mission Statement
Living Free is a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary that saves and finds qualified homes for orphaned cats and dogs facing imminent shelter euthanasia.
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Living Free is a non-profit animal sanctuary that depends upon your charitable donations.
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