About Us
The Problem: There is a serious cat and dog overpopulation crisis. The unacceptable solution: Destroy the unwanted. Millions of cats and dogs are legally killed — euthanized — every year. The sheer obscenity of these numbers appalled our founder, Emily Jo Beard, who believed in reverence for all life — animal-kind as well as human-kind. She was convinced that education and planning could eliminate unnecessary euthanasia as a "solution".
Our Humane Solution: In 1980 Emily acquired 153 acres in the San Jacinto Mountains near Idyllwild and named it Living Free Animal Sanctuary — which is the only sanctuary founded by Emily. She devoted the rest of her life to providing refuge for orphaned cats and dogs. "We have an obligation to better the lives of the animals with whom we share the earth," said Emily.
Today at Living Free we:
Save the lives of cats and dogs who otherwise would be euthanized.
Spread the message that our companion cats and dogs are entitled to secure lives enhanced by loving care.
Teach youngsters and adults to understand, respect and value animals.
You Can Help  With your help so we can rescue more of these wonderful beings who bring joy to our lives. Your generosity will directly help to save more precious animals each year. It will rescue them, restore them to good health if needed, and find homes for them with loving humans. Moreover, it will enable us to continue spreading Emily's "vision of unlimited opportunity to bless our fellow creatures. If homes cannot be found, they will live out their lives in dignity and peace at Living Free. "
What happens if a cat or dog is dropped off at the gate?
If a cat or dog is dropped off at our sanctuary, we are required to call Animal Control. By law, animals must be placed in the custody of Animal Control to be reunited with their owners. Under penal code 597s, it is unlawful to abandon an animal, and doing so will subject them to attacks by predatory wildlife.
Board of Directors

Sharon Maguire, President
Randall Harris, Vice President
Karen Price, Secretary
Ed O'Rourke, Treasurer
Robert Buffum, DVM
Steven Carlson
Advisory Board

Geoffrey Treat
Craig Ainsworth
Joan Fagan
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