“From a very early age, I knew I would be doing something to help animals.  I love our mission, being able to save these precious lives.”

Edgar Santiago

Kennel Manager

“As a child I was apparently deeply affected by Looney Tunes, in particular the ‘Wanna pet the kitty, George? Yes, huh? Pet the kitty.’ So, many moons later, here I am.”

Tangie Miller

Dir. of Admin. Services

“Sometimes it’s like I am no longer a man to them, just a bigger cat. And that’s when I know I’m exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Matt Worthington

Cattery Manager

“It is a privilege to work with this team, and help save every life we can. The dogs and cats are our responsibility, and our greatest reward.”

Randall Harris


Ed is like having our own Frank Sinatra – he’s Chairman of the Board.

Ed O’Rourke

Board Chairman

“I camped here as boy so, for me, coming to Living Free is like coming home. I get to work with people that share the same goals and values and am blessed to be part of it.”

Ray Barmore

Facility Manager

“My spirit is enriched to be part of Living Free, connecting with the animals, sharing such love.”

Tony White

Maintenance Supervisor

“This place has a kind of special feel, like magic. I love wildlife, love the animals, love the mission and am very proud to be on this team.”

Rudy Nunez

Sr. Groundskeeper

Resident cat whisperer.  (It’s especially fun when he whispers to our loverly Lady Gaga.)

Doug Riech

Animal Caregiver

“It’s wonderful to know that what you do makes a difference for another creature’s happiness, safety and well-being.”

Steve Edelstein

Animal Caregiver

A dedicated, compassionate professional who works very hard to keep all the crazy cats in line.

Maggie Slater

Board Member

Maia Dugan

Animal Caregiver

“Spending time here refreshes my soul. One of my joys is sharing with people how the power of volunteering can make a difference in the lives of the animals.”

Jennie Rayner

Volunteer Coordinator

Dawn DeKeyser

Creative Consultant

Larry Echelmeyer

Board Member